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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  January 17, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number? now, "good morning, maryland" at nine. monday morning, thanks for joining us. hope you had a great weaning. i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. it was a difficult weekend. hard to watch what happened to the ravens. >> it was a heart breaker. >> it was. the loss to the steelers knocks them out -- knocks ravens out of the playoff picture and then on top of that, jets beat the patriots. if baltimore had won we would be hosting the afc championship game but it's going back to heinz field. we will have a recap of the game coming up in a few moments. a lot headed up for today. we have guests here.
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carl comes in on mondays to give you mortgage advice. he will be here letting us know what the year has in hold. we saw so many foreclosures last year. we will hear from him. and you know how popular lacrosse is. >> yeah. >> it's insane, the popularity. >> state sport. >> the headquarters are here in baltimore. coming up in few days, it's the national convention of the sport. president and crest. of the lacrosse foundation will be in with us. excuse me. he will tell us about the eventwhat you need to know and the popularity of the sports expanding across the country. several of the coaches and officials will be in with us this morning. >> we are talking about men's health. >> we are. because a lot of guys out there want to make that new year's resolution to get in better shape and be a belter healthier person, but before doing it, you need to consult with a doctor about where your health is at that point as you work your way up because the result could be sudden cardiac arrest. dr. with johns hopkins will be
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here to tell us tips on that. moving us forward towards heart health and doing it in a safe and healthy manner. all right. let's talk about the game. >> all right. it's time to talk about the game. ravens fans hope that today there would be gearing up for sunday's afc championship game, and the jets won was not meant to be. we had the reflect to reflect, think and grieve. jamie costello had plenty of time to do that post game and also on the four-hour trek back home but he shared the thoughts with us this morning. >> reporter: i think terrell sug-gs was the best rain player on the field sack big ben and reading -- redding having the mind to runt ball in. ravens up 21-7 at the half. and i think this changed momentum. when rice, who never puts the ball on the ground, put the ball on the ground. i think after 10,000 snaps a season, why on this day this
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happened? i think ravens fans have every right to think the way they do aboutb number 86. think it's logical for ravens fans to wonder if the steelers have joe's number. >> i don't think you think someone has your number. >> reporter: i this i this is a thing of beauty to be caught in a web of a hole. as we show it down, what do you think? penalty or no? when you were watching on tv, did you think bolden should have caught this. this miss and it's over. do you think tj should have caught the throw. >> he came to me on fourth down. that's what i wanted. and what for the life of me, it's almost like disbelief that happened. >> reporter: and i think number 7 is even better than we think. he is a ravens killer. to make this throw on third and 19, which led to the winning score, and to think it's over. >> me being leader of the team, it's a lot of guys that will be
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hurt and a lot of guys will beat themselves up. all you can do is come back on do work. that's all you can do. that's why you play the game. >> reporter: and now the thought process belongs to this man to make the team better next season. here's thinking he will. >> well it's getting interesting. >> so depressed. >> i know. but what's interesting is the ratings were off the charts. this shows the rest of the country cares about this rivalry too, just not here in baltimore and pittsburgh. >> we want to see a rivalry. coming up this weekend, you've got green bay and chicago. no two teams played as many games as the bears and packers have. but the interesting thing about that game is that this meeting saturday for the nfc championship, first time they played in the playoffs since 1941 and think we root for teams versus with the rains out, we will root for a story over a team. and for that reason, i am going with the packers the rest of
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the way i want aaron rod jess jers to step out of brett farv's shadows for good. we want to switch gears. today is a very important day. we will be talking about martin luther king day in a minute. but first, of course, a lot of people are heading downtown. so we want to know what the weather is going to be like. let's send it over to justin for a look. oh, actually we will send it to sherrie. how is it looking down there? >> reporter: good morning. we are here on martin luther king, jr, boulevard a. street named after the slain civil rights leader. later this afternoon around noon today, a huge parade will come down this street, and this is the 11th year for the parade. thousands of people will line the streets in a few hours to celebrate the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king juniorch the parade will be filled with color guards, and stepers and dance squads and marching bands. you name it. it will be in the parade. it's only fitting because dr. king was a man that sounded the
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drums and made the call for equality and peace. this is one of the big of the einvestigation attracting more than 40,000-- events attracting more than 40,000 people each year. this is a way of saying we won't forget your contribution. and even though he is no longer with us, his dream of equality and justice lives on. so once again that, parade kicks off at noon today. and it's actually going to start at the intersection of martin luther king junior boulevard and utah streets a few blocks up the street. reporting live in downtown ballmore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. and washington this morning president obama and his family will spend sometime with the community service projects honoring the memory of the dr. martin luther king junior. the cabinets chiefs and official and the president and the first laddie pitch in across the u.s. that's the subject of our two cents. as we visit dr. martin luther king junior day, what do you
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intend to do to keep the dream aliven. this is video of the presidentin the day of service. all right. so, that's the question we are posting on facebook and here are the answers we are getting. raise my children and teach my children it's a character and not color of their skin that matters. trying to help folks understand they are not in the world alone. we are one country, we are not born racist if that's taught. that's one of the comments we are getting from the facebook fan page. we want to know what you think. leave your two cents. >> all right. time for a check of the forecast on mlk day. and for that, let's say good morning to justin berk. >> let's go to the headlines. as being see, we are going to talk about the wintery mix on the way. there's two real events this week in terms of the weather. first one is coming in tonight. most of today will be dry and cold. we are exhe canning -- expecting flurries during the afternoon and evening. developing light snow and sleet
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after dark. it's probably going to be aftersix or eight through midnight and then we turn over into freezing rain which is not nice for anyone. it takes a little ice to become a big problem even if we warm above freezing and get rain on top of any glazing of ice. 28 right now in baltimore. eastern shore, dover, 25. york, pa. kim brown mentioned at the end of our morning program that they have been pretreating the roads from in howard county towards dc. maybe a little premature but we expect stuff to develop later on in the day and after dark will probably be our problem we influence the wind at least impact some of the wind chelce across the area because of a light -- wind chills across the area because of a light breeze. we have got ourselves mostly cloudy skies. some breaks towards the west. thin spots. but the main issue is about the advisories. this is what's frustrating for us in this part of the country. our viewing area split between two weather service offices,
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the mount holly new jersey weather service office goffers the delmarva peninsula and posted a winter weather advisory foresees i will and kent county for tonight through tomorrow morning at nine in the form of a wintery mix and sighs. we don't -- ice. we don't have our county shaded in but the conditions are probably going reach the criteria. this side of the bay we are governed by sterling, virginia weather office. we have to wait until they put out the advisory. we can't do that from this office. we can only give you our forecast and i believe we will have the criteria for a winter weather advisory. but here's how the forecast plays out. temperatures climbing out of the 20s. we should reach 32, freezing, midday and flurries and temperatures start to tail off during the afternoon. we will slip back into the 20s with light snow and sleet moving in after eight and through midnight. that's when we get minor accumulations. and tonight we expect upwards to an inch. north and west of baltimore, we turn over to freezing rain.
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and if you live near annapolis, less in terms of icing because you will probably turn over the rain quicker. we have one system to the north spreading snow across the northern plains. than we shift to the southern system, a lot of rain coming out of the deep south and that one air aloft bumps into the cold air. warm clouds and rain where we get the ice problem. that's the situation tomorrow morning. turning to rain throughout the day as we warm up and i say that with bathed breath. we warm up to -- bathed breath. and -- bait ed breath. >> that's sad when 39 is our warmup. if you live near the area and driven over it you know a lot of works needs to be done. >> yeah. that's the truth. coming up, why residents who live in and around this area say the work is being scheduled. exhe sighs is -- exercise shows you. is said -- exercise is said to
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make your heart strong but you have to be how fast and sudden you start your ruer teen -- routine. we recap the golden globes. when we return on "good morning, maryland" at nine. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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joining us. bright gorgeous flowers from will hides in he will kit city. if you have something special, give them a call. the number is on the screen. well all agree the bridge is crumbling. it need to be replaced but some people say it's the way the city is replacing the bridge that could do more harm than good. abc2 news brian kuebler covers the pros and cons. take a look. >> reporter: come april, this bridge in locust point becomes a deadend. the city department of transportation is playing -- planning to tear it down then rebuild. one lock at the underbelly and you can see it can't come soon enough. >> absolutely. it needs to be replaced. >> it is in terrible shape. >> yes. it's bad. >> reporter: but it's how it's being remaced that concerns the vice president of the locust point civic association. tony and many others in locust point are fighting d.o.t.
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to alter the plans. they want a phased in replacement project that would allow one lane open during the construction. otherwise residents say, the city would be cutting off the main artery into the neighborhood pushing all traffic to back roads with railroad crossings. >> if ford avenue is shut down, and there's a train over either one of the entrance and someone has a emergency you never know how the emergency vehicles will get in there. >> reporter: a valid concern but beyond safety, there's an economic reason, too. >> there's a heart locust point, point is a beating heart it's growing and wonderful. super safe neighborhood and you clip the only artery. >> reporter: and business owners like michael marks say they may have to close up shop. marks runs the cantina in silo point. fort avenue is his life line he says. main reason why he supports this letter the ssk association is set sending to the mayor of
9:16 am
baltimore next week urging a multiphase replace men to the bridge and not the total tear down and 10 month detour on the books. >> i think that the mayor is certainly intelligent enough to know what that means from a tax base. she is a smart woman and i think it comes down to there being more than just back and forth yelling match between d.o.t. and residents. >> reporter: an argument some citizens hope bridges an y pass. in locust point, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> on friday, baltimore city department of transportation responded to the story saying "we know it's a challenge, but the bridge must be replaced. we will work with the community in good faith to any adverse yit impacts to mitigate any adverse impacts. so, the department of transportation tells us that this will be an announcement early this week as to how they plan to work with local -- locust point residents and we will keep you post on what
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happens with that. charlie. megan, thanks. you know if your new years resolution involves exercises, it's something you want to keep in mind. but if you are a guy, before you jump into the process because that's sometimes what guys do, you need to make sure you're healthy enough for the exercise. if not, the result could be sudden cardiac arrest. dr. gordon tomiseli joins us right now with this. and before we get into some of the treatment measures, what is it about us guys that makes us want to pick up and go when we may not be physically healthy enough for exercise at a given point. >> thanks, charlie i want to say i recommend and i support physical activity as part of a healthy heart style to keep heart disease at bay. if you have been sed tarry like many of us have and haven't exercise, exercising vigorously can produce sudden cardiac death and problems with your heart. it occurs in a quarter million
9:18 am
people in the united states annually. and of those people, about 75% have coronary hart disease. it's reel -- heart disease. fortunately, it's relatively rare in young people but age is a risk factor for coronary heart disease affecting 08 million americans. one in three will have heart disease it canly after the age of 50. >> if we make the decision to get ourselves back -- get motion and get in motion, and get active and get off the sed teary lifestyle -- sedentary lifestyle what do we need to do before we take it to a treadmill or bike trail. >> start slow. and you should not exercises in extremes of temperatures. and for anybody who has any warning sim domes, chest -- symptoms, chest pains, a heart rate that feels-appropriately high for the degrees of activity you are doing, or excessive fatigue, you shouldn't begin a exercise program before consulting your physician or health care
9:19 am
provider. they may want to do testing before you actually get into an exercise program to make sure you are not putting yourself at risk for a heart attack, stroke, or sudden cardiac arrest. >> as you said, start slow consult a physician before getting involved, and for whom is this most likely? is it one a couch potatoe for 15, 20 years or is there a time frame with which you need to probably see a physical beforehand or is it something everyone should do before starting an exercise ridgemen. >> if you've been inactive for a long period of time you ought to get looked at first. if you are above 60 years of age and have not exercisesed or if there's a family history of heart disease, that might -- you might be a person who should see a doctor before getting into a particularly a vigorous exercises program. >> you talked about the symptoms. the body always seems to tell us when something is wrong. shortness of breath, maybe an irregular heartbeat. what are other warning signs we might encounter while in an exercise or post exercises that would be a level of concern.
9:20 am
>> so if you got profoundly lightheaded and felt hike you were going to pass out, persistent shortness of breath out of proportion to the a exercise you are doing and chest pain or fatigue are things that should be warning signs for you to say, this is not quite right. and the other final thing is if you are exercise capacity isn't what you believe it should be, that maybe a warning sign as well. >> all right. thanks so much for your time. new incoming president of the american heart association as well. he is a doctor with johns hopkins. megan, over to you. >> thanks, charlie. they were all there. we, of course, are talking about the golden globes. the speeches and who took home hardware. so coming, we will show you some of the big winners of last night's big awards show. stay with us. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning, maryland" at nine. welcome back on this monday. entertainment news now. the social network and natalie portman and toy story. >> we hear the names a lot last night as trophies were handed out for the golden globe award. we have all highlights from the big show. >> social network. >> reporter: social network was the big winner at the golden
9:24 am
globe awards ceremony. taking home four trophies in all. including best dramatic motion picture. actor kevin spaceey was one of the film's producers. >> i hope it encourages other studios and encourages other executives that these kind of movesies about relation shies and as aaron said, it's just a lot of people in rooms talking at the end of the day. they can do what this movie has done, i am proud to be a part of it. >> reporter: collin was crowned best actor in dramatic role for performonsance in "the keenings's peach" he is not look too far into the future. >> the oscar question. no thanks. i basically just about able to project myself to the end of this press conference. so i can't really get any further than that in my mind. >> reporter: and natalie portman who took the stage to be honored. sheaed an golden globe to her mounting list of credits for
9:25 am
"black swan." in the comedy category the best actor prize was for barney's version and annette bening for "the kids are all right "a ." >> the hope -- i hope the movie will open a few minds and i know it opened some harts, it did mine. it was a joy to do. >> reporter: a pair of costars won in the supporting category, the fighters chris till bale and melissa leeo. >> oh, my gosh all that and a kiss. >> it's my pleasure to share what i do with people and to be here tonight with the extraordinary honor i just don't know. i am beside myself with happiness. amazing. >> reporter: the golden globes are over for another year but award season is in full swing. the academy award nomination come out january 25th. in beverly hills, abc news. >> we are sitting here realizing how many movies we have to see. >> you have to see these. >> we have to see the king
9:26 am
speech. we have to see black swan and true grit. you've been clubbing me. >> i thought black swan was amazing. >> got to see -- i have yet to see the social network. >> we have to go to the movies. >> there we go. valentine's day is a good time to go to the movies. it's coming and you might plan to shop for jewelry for someone who is special in your life. you need to be careful so no one takes you to for a ride. joce sterman has information for you so when you put your money out there you don't getscamed. >> baltimore is gearing up for the lacrosse festival this weekend. how to be part of the fastest growing sporting activities.
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now, "good morning, maryland" at nine. welcome back on this monday morning. to the weekly pump watch. gas price continue to inch upward. the average price for a regular gallon of unleaded gas is 3.09 a gallon. that's up 9 cents just during the past month.
9:30 am
nationally, the price is at 3.09. that's up on a national average 11 cents during the past month. the way to anyman's heart is through his stomach. we are easy. feed us and we are happy. when it comes to wooing the ladies, you only have to think about one thing. megan is this right? diamond into course not. they help but you can be sweet and that goes a long way. >> cheaper, too. >> sure is. >> before you get out there you might neat to be wary -- wary. weary. joce sterman how some are out to get their happened on your cash. >> reporter: you can forget flowers or dinner, the sure way to win a woman he's heart is with something sheeny. but before laying down catch for diamonds or jewel, you have to do a lot of comparison. >> ask your nays and people youtrust. and get references and shop around. don't make an impulse decision. >> reporter: because while your heart is on fire, angie says
9:31 am
you can get bender by a scammer if you are not careful. she says going online for gems can be especially risky because she says scamers may advertise one thing on the web and send you something completely different. >> they will hide the tracks so you are stuck with that and you paid that money out. >> reporter: if you are shopping on line, he says be sure to use a credit card or pay pal that will give you better buyer protection. but she says your best bet is to go brick and mortar for the store. shop locally and check the stores bbb report before you buy. and once you chosen the perfect gift, get any specifics about the jewelry like clarity, cut or carat in writing and consider an appraisal from the trusted jeweler to make sure you got what you paid for. >> a second opinion really helps mint that is accurate. >> reporter: because without that, there's no way of knowing if what you bought is rock solid. abc2 news. >> angie says you got to be especially cautious when buying
9:32 am
estate jewelry because scamers make a lot of claims to convince you what they are selling is old when it's not. if you are interested because of the piece's age or quality, get details in writing and have it appraised to make sure. time is 9:31. let's toss it over to megan for the mortgage monday. >> every monday carl comes in with great advice and all sort of tippings. i know you are bummed about the ravens. i am sorry. >> that's all right. >> let's talk about taxes. you said that there is a little- known quirk in maryland's law. >> we talked about the homestead credit last time but there's a quirk in the law. if you do home improvements and they are deemed to have $100,000 or value or higher that portion section clued from the discount on the tax. so you have two tax rates. even people at sdt which enforce and monitor taxs are not too crazy buy. write tower localrepresenting
9:33 am
and say why is that. if you are going to fix your house up, why should you be penalized. something to keep in mind and bring up. >> you've been bringing in a tip of the week when it comes to homes. we have heard so much about carbon monoxide poisoning. it's january and you have a tip about the detectors. >> yesterday, from home inspector, carbon monoxide detector have a shelf like of 7 years. if it's seven years old boy a new one. buy a digital one because it gives you a reading because the nondigital ones give you -- go off when it's a problem. if you are going to buy the detector, get a digital one. >> do you have a digital one. >> i have a digital but i think it's about five years old so it's almost time. >> you know what the reading means? i wondered that. >> i think it's .4 i am not sure if it's over that then it's bat bad. but keep it where you sleep because you want to wake up if you are sleeping because it's a
9:34 am
odorless gas. and the last thing foreclosures. we saw record numbers in 2010. it's expected to be on the rise for 2011. for some people that might mean an opportunity if they want to buy a bank owned home. and you say there are certain things to be careful about. >> 2010 set a record that will fall in 2011 with more foreclosures. but we have to look at what you are buying a bank owned hope or foreclosed property. they have damage or neglect. sometimes they turn off electricity or water. so if you are fired or second on third time buyer hire a competent real estate relateor who understands how to works with the properties and banks and hire a competent loan officer. this you will see the renovational ones be big which allows you to buy and fix it up. but you want to make sure you know you are getting into. and the advice is first thing you should do is call insurance agents and ask for a clue
9:35 am
report. it's free. but aid data base of claims and potential claims on the property. if you find the property had three cases in the last five years of black mold you don't want to waste your time and money on a home inspection. next get a home inspection. then after that pay for the appraisal. do it in that order and save yourself money and heartache. >> carl comes in every monday. if you have a question for him about mortgage, e-mail us the address on the screen. morning show at we will see you next monday. >> sounds good. >> taking the kids skiing. >> after this. >> go have fun thanks for coming in. >> take care. >> back to you. >> thanks a lot. you know our two cents question for the day, as it is, martin luther king jr, day, what are you doing to keep dr. king's millionry alive. some of the responses we have gone getting, allowing myself to dream. choosing my goals so dreams can be accomplished. that was from patrice this morning. and the other comments going to work. mlk day is the day on not a day
9:36 am
off. that's from sherry. if you want to weigh in, go to the wmar, abc2 news facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will share more of it. also on the site, facebook discussion comfort foods. what are some of your favorite especially in the wake of the ravens loss and it was a heart breaker. many of you grieving in your own way. some of you are weeping and others may be screaming. but like we said, some of you may be going to the cupboards instead. we will look this morning at the top five comfort food out there for you as you might be able to enjoy. see if yours is on list. the national lacrosse festival coming to baltimore. justin. >> reporter: 9:36. this is not pleasant. we have ourselves a cold day and cloudy skies and temperatures not moving much. try to work on the wind flow. northeast at 7 miles per hour. that's really when we have the storm.
9:37 am
if we hang with the northeast wind through the night andtomorrow we will have the nice time bunking the air. we expect ice rolling in tonight into tomorrow. we will talk about that and potential of maybe a widespread snow event at the end of the week so many stick around there's much more of "good morning, maryland" coming up after this. with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you.
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9:40 am
birthdays to give out -- birthdays. anna maria along with his son john. and soon to be mother-in-law carmella, they all wish him a happy belated birthday. they watch us every morning. thanks for watching, guys. and dale wishes his granddaughter a happy 5th birthday. kylea likes to sing and dance and she is very much loved by her mom and her dad. happy birthday to both of you i hope you have wonderful birthdays. if you have a birthday to celebrate with us or any interesting photos, spouse, anniversaries, sun sets what have you, anything you catch on the camera, send it to morning show at include all important information so we can let it be known on the air. >> time for the featured events when you send e-mails and we share what's happening in the community. got an e-mail from emma. she says mark your calendar because the hemophilia foundation of maryland are
9:41 am
having a long live beatles tribute show and live auction. should be fun. it's on february 12th from 7 in the evening until 11:00. michael's 8th in glen bury. from 65 per ticket or two for $125 all benefits the hemophilia society here in maryland. if you want more information, call the number on the screen or visit them at web address. also coming up, it's a guiding eyes for the blindch the mission is to provide highly trained guide dogs, and they are look for volunteers. if there's something you want to be involved with, give gretchen pierce a call at 401 -- 410 -- or g pierce at guiding go to volunteer.guiding >> we love to know what's happening in the community. if you have something exsighinggoing on, we will tell everybody. e-mail us directly. the address is on the screen.
9:42 am
or send it to the group at morning show at wmar. there's a national sport bringing the national convention to the charm city. >> we will introduce you to the lacrosse president and ceo. he will tell you how to get involved in great sport gaining so much popularity. when we come back. lace head this morning, making your torch and tools, ice and water. might sound like a bad combination but man in indiana is doing this in the name of art. we will show you his great work when we come back.
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you're watching the station that works for you, good morning, maryland "at nine. and welcome back. good martin luther king junior day to you on this monday, january 17th. it's one of the fastest growing and most popular sports in the u.s. and soon the nation's top lacrosse coaches official and administrators will be right here in baltimore for the annual national convention. and joining us to tell us about the sport of lacrosse is steventh u.s. lacrosse president and ceo. thanks so much for the time this morning. >> pleasure. >> i preesht you being here. talking about the popularity of the sport, it has exploded nationwide hasn't it. >> yeah. the past ten years national participation doubled and u.s.
9:46 am
lacrosse and sports national governing body is based here. >> and talking about the sport. it's something you can catch on abc2 when we have the games of the week here with lacrosse. showcasing at abc and wmar. what is it about the sport that suddenly is getting its hooks on across the midwest and the south? >> lacrosse is the alternative team sport. and it's quite different combines speed and finesse and body contact. on the woman's side, just great finesse. men's and women's games are played by different rules and rooted in native american history and they are century old. and it's a dynamic sport to watch. >> the team aspect. one of the things we learned over the course of time, they are very tight knit groups. it's something promoted by the coaches as well as the team captains. you want your team members to stick together right? >> well, like any team, it takes the combination of everybody on the field to achieve success. so, yeah, the intricate nature of offense and defense and
9:47 am
quick movement of the ball require the team communication. >> last year, on espn, there was the national championship game between duke and notre dame. >> yes. >> we settled in ready for a great overtime match between the two last five second. some people were saying what happened? explain how this works because it's sudden death isn't it? >> lacrosse is called the fastest sport on two feet and it's quick. that ball moves fast and feet move fast. in the overtime it's sudden death. first goal which cans. what happens on the championship game is they went right down on the face and scored immediately. >> the fast break of basketball. >> and it's called a fast break in basketball as well. >> learning the lingo. lacrosse moved into the national forefront several years ago with the incident happened at duke. those players were all exonerated from the charges against them. did that in anyway negatively affect the national perception of the sport. >> of course it did. when you have a tragedy of that magnitude it is not a great thing. but the game has risen above that and it's one of the
9:48 am
reasons it was so much attention paid to it because it's relatively unique and that's a positive culture is what we are trying to build based on native american roots of the game moving forward. >> in terms of the national convention coming up here beginning on the 21st. what will people expect there. what will be happening in the meeting because so many coaches and officials and administrators from around u.s. coming in what will be taking place. >> we will have over 5,000 coaches official and administrators from both the men's and women's games here. all over the country. we have over 140 educational sessions. and jackie joyner kersey is akeynote speaker. we will have special sessions for coaches and officials. we will have a fan fest that abc2 is sponsoring on saturday from 12 to 4. and we invite all lacrosse fans, kids to come down wear jerseys and experience over 150 vendor booths with the latest equipment. the women's national team will be there. chesapeake bay hawks will be there signing autographs and
9:49 am
field demonstration. it's going to be a great celebration. >> information on the screen. u.s. fan day fan fest going onch it's going to be from noon to four again. that's saturday correct. >> yes. >> thanks so much for your time today. >> thanks for having me. >> we will have this on the website. if you missioned any portion and need information about the great sport of lacrosse. megan. >> all right. we want to go back to your two cents on today's hot topic and it's martin luther king day and so we want your thoughts. we want to know what are you doing to keep dr. king's dream alive. and we are hearing from you on the facebook fan page mlk dream is my dream as well. and i live it every day not just today with that example for my grandchildren. that's from jenny on the facebook fan page. if you want to share your two cents on today's hot topic. head to the wmar facebook fan page leave a comment and we will share the comments throughout the morning's show. stay with us this morning. we have been told to take our talents and use them well. well, an indiana welder is doing that. wait until you see what he is
9:50 am
doing. he turned in his medal and torep for ice and water and he will show outarts he is creating when good morning, maryland" at nine returns.
9:51 am
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now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurateb weatherate. all right. check this out. indianapolis welder discovered he had a talent for sculpting for them not us. he had lots of time and check this out. being unemployed he put his tools to use in the front yard and got very creative. he came up with his message for make the creations in hopes he gets good enough to enter in some special sculpting events. that's cool. you could get a job out of that. >> all right let's go back home. we need some of that. i know we have local competitors that can put up the talents with snow. we saw it last winter. let's see if we get some this week. we have an issue right now with cloudy skies on this mlk day it. looks cold and gray and threatening but it's not doing anything. currently we are looking at temperatures across the reasonableon that are basically
9:54 am
in the 20s. and they are holding. that's one situation that we got to deal with a couple different factors with this storm. number one, it's the fact that the cold air is dense and deep and holding and it's slow to budge with 25 in clarksville and owings mills and 24 in bel air and heading up towards cecil county we have elkton at temperatures in the mid-20s and wind chills now down to about 18 degrees a little hint of a wind that wind out of the northeast is going to lock in the cold. and while we have got a wint weather advisory kent in cecil county spoke with the weather service office from virginia they will be posting advisory for central maryland just a matter for the formal updates so check in at and we will have it ported but it extends through southern pens vainian we will have a nice problem tonight. and we have temperatures at timeas lighthouse and frozenchesapeake that is factor with the winds coming out of the northeast and east with this developing storm. not going to have chance to warm us up much and give the
9:55 am
classic turnover for some of us until maybe later in the storm tomorrow. today, just flurries 32 we drop through the 20as and we will lock in snow and sleet to perhaps upwards to ionch heading through tonight. maybe more north and west but i think the layer of warm air will be thick and it will be above the surface and we will have more freezing rain as we head into tomorrow morning to an ice problem at daybreak. look at cold air and we have widespread teens and babel 20s to the north. that is feeding into this northern part of the storm. and this southern part of the storm is really dropping in a lot of moisture heavy rain and just off the bottom in florida. that bumps into the cold air. and our forecast models shows most of the stuff trying to move in and during the evening and overnight hours, and eventually turning over to rain tomorrow. we could get an inch of rain out of this and we turn things over. but it's going to be about the ice tomorrow morning. and a struggling to get through the upper 30s tomorrow afternoon. and then our sights set for friday we could have more of a widespread snow event. so stay tuned this weekend is going to be this week itself is going to be active weather
9:56 am
wise. >> it'd does look being a knife very exciting. >> buckle up. >> all right. well now the ravens loss is starting to settle in. we thought we might offer comfort to all the fans out there and the -- in the way of common comfort foods. >> all right. so we will find out what your favorite comfort food is as well as yours. and i know i said initially mind was soup and charlie said no. pick something else. >> that's healthy. >> number 5, mashed potatoes. >> number 4, i just learned megan pringle doesn't like peanut butter. >> i like jelly. >> but pb and j with the crust on number four. >> number 3, apple pie. >> number two, fried chicken. >> number one on the list, can we see it on the screen for me. mac and cheese. some people slice up tomatoes and put that in there. >> you can get creative with your m-ac and cheese. >> good stuff. >> and if you've favorite comfort food go to the facebook fan page because we asked you to weigh in what's your favorite. >> i am in a situation where i could use chicken soup.
9:57 am
thanks to charlie. fighting off his cold. >> he came in with a cold. >> it's executive producer dan taylor's fault you are sick. >> is it. >> yes. >> his fault. >> comfort food. >> i got two. wendy's burger and the fries and peanut butter captain crunch. >> together? >> no. >> oh, okay i was like that sounds foul but all right. weigh in on the facebook fan page. >> oh. what's yours? >> french fries. i love french fries. that's my favorite. >> from anywhere. >> from anywhere i don't care. >> my son turned 2 and we went to wend yea and -- wendy's burger king and mcdonald's. >> who had the best. >> i can't give outwinner. >> i gave you a plug for wendy's so go ahead. >> i will leave it at that. >> some of you have been weighing n potatoe chips, pepsi a lot of potatoes chips. anything smoothered in gravy. >> chick-filla nuggets. >> shameless plug for chick-
9:58 am
fill-a. >> enjoy your favorite comfort food it's cold. >> yes.
9:59 am